Nothing brings people together quite like mangoes.

In fact there are whole events planned around gathering and consuming mangoes. And with good reason.
Mangoes have been the traditional favourites at most cultural events, right from weddings to festivals to pretty much any auspicious celebration, especially in South India. That's probably why we associate them with a sense of community.


And also what makes them the perfect choice for a special seasonal menu.

We went with the classics as we always do, but threw in some delightfully unusual combinations too. Indulge us, won't you?

There’s the Manga Curry of course, inspired by a rather staple South Indian style. Our version is a thick curry that comes with a selection of small sweet mangoes,  with a side of rice/appam/dosa/parotta. So really, any way you like it.


If it's going to be representative of South India, then where there is curry, there must be rice. Our take on mango rice, Manga-Sadam comes with a Mampazha Pachadi. The dish is prepared in an Andhra style, and the pachadi is a serving of curd-based ripe mango, which brings a sweet and sour flavour to the dish. 

Moving over to the slightly less traditional side of the menu, we give you the Prawn and Fresh Mango Tostada.
Yup, that's right.


It's our in-house made cracker with raw mango cream as the first layer and a fresh salsa of shrimp and mangoes with onion and coriander on top. And it's as delightful a burst of flavours as it sounds. But we'll let you be the judge of that. 

Of course, there's some Rasam made with mango pulp and served with fresh mango chunks to bring you back. But that isn't the only drinkable thing on the menu. Wouldn't be a Permit Room special without a solid cocktail now, would it? 
Which is why we have a vodka, fresh mango, ginger and green chilli cocktail. Jest for you.


Oh, and did someone say dessert? Well, allow our Mango Tres Leche Cake to do the needful.
It's a unique combination of badam tres leche cake and fresh mango, and that's all you need to know.

Come by and give it a try. Manga season won't last forever.