You know a drink's going to be good when it’s called 'Coco Jujubee Cooler'.

That, and that you’re probably going to be doing strange things once you’ve had one too many. (Just kidding. Or are we?!)

Coco jaanejaanaa...

Coco jaanejaanaa...

But first things first. What is a ‘jujubee’?

If you find yourself asking that question then you probably haven’t spent too much time in the south of the sub-continent, and even lesser time indulging in its classic cinema and sweetmeat offerings.

For ‘jujubee’ ( or ‘jujube’ as it is more popularly spelt) is a word so versatile that you could either be talking about a chewy, squishy sweet usually with a sugary coating, or describing a very waste fellow. 

The former a favourite amongst schoolchildren of all kinds, and the latter a colloquial term for a cheap or ‘chillar’ fellow, made famous by our dearly beloved Rajni aka Superstar aka Thalaiva, which then obviously became a favourite word amongst all humans in the Universe and realms beyond.

So decoding the meaning depends a lot on the context.


The Drink

At The Permit Room the Coco Jujubee Cooler is a deadly weapon we’ve created for you to combat the sultry Summer.

When you drink up one of these beauties, you’re arming yourself with the coolness of fresh cucumber, the tropical vibes of tender coconut, the historical and artistic weight of a classic word like ‘jujube’ (and also coconut jelly), and of course, the ultimate coolth of Gin.

Basically, you be chillin’ like a villain. 

Our Bartender Says

"It’s a bar favourite because of the refreshing flavours and also the combination of these flavours with gin. And the name is a great talking point too. We’ve seen many customers impress their respective male/female friends by giving them the origin of the word ‘jujube’, and after consuming a certain number of these cocktails, proceeding to hilariously enact scenes from Rajni’s aka Superstar’s aka Thailava’s movies."