Food & Drink


Food & Drink

The Food

Whether it’s the gravy grooviness that Guntur has to offer, or the satisfying crunchiness of some good old Bangalore bhajjis, our menu has all of your favourite classics, presented in a totally new way.

Let the Caesar’s Salads make way for some Kosambari salad, while the Adai absolutely and totally replaces Pizzas as your favourite pairing with a pint. Yum!

The attempt here is to explore the seemingly endless varieties of South Indian cuisine, focusing mainly on Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Andhra cuisines, while trying to represent a little bit of the quirky culture that makes South India so...well, South Indian.



The Drinks

Put one cutting, send one small, belt one beer—if any of these fondly used phrases sound familiar to you, then you're already a part of this cool club.

For the uninitiated, these are best described as terms of endearment.  And this is love of the deepest kind. The one that makes you shed inhibitions and bust your choicest moves to Apdi Podu, or even admit that you spent some time learning all the lyrics to Nakkamukka.

So whether you like getting toit... beg pardon, tight with Toddy, or feel funny with Fenny, we've got something for the southern soul and the merry mole. Let's do this, Macchi!


The Breakfast and All-Day Tiffin Menu

There’s breakfast, there’s lunch, there’s dinner, but there’s nothing quite like our Tiffin/Breakfast Menu.

It’s an age-old South Indian tradition, meant to indulge the between meal munchies. Or that’s what it started out as anyway. 

This original ‘snack break’, tiffin has over the years evolved to include everything from khara bath to cocktail idlis (with some steaming hot filter coffee on the side of course), and become a stand-alone meal in its own right. 

If you ask us though, any time is a good time for tiffin, really. But ours comes to you in the form of a brand new, Sunday morning special Breakfast Menu.  Please put it the one look and be deciding for yourselves.