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What is a permit room?

What is a permit room?

All names have origin stories, and so do we. And ours goes all the way back to around the time India gained Independence. 

The concept of Permit Rooms first saw the light of day (well, more like the light of dingy bulbs) back when the government imposed prohibition on certain states. One of the requirements, as a result, was that anybody who wanted to buy or consume alcohol, had to obtain a 'permit'. 
This permit had to state that the holder was required to consume liquor for health purposes. (Yeah, right!)

But that was all that was needed. Established for license-holding drinkers, 'permit rooms' were set up all over the country, as stand-alone alcohol addas or as sections in restaurants where alcohol was served. 

Permit rooms used to have characteristic peculiarities like drinks would only be served in six-ounce bottles, and the customers would usually be exclusively male. But we have no such restrictions or trappings of the past. (Ohh yeaah!!)

Technically, the state of Maharashtra is still under prohibition—it's just eased up with the rules over time. That's why, if you go by the books, all alcohol consumers in the state still need a permit. But no one really carries one, and no one actually checks. But don't take our word for it. You can always buy one at any liquor store, or the permit office. 

At our Permit Room, we're just trying to bring together all the uniquely quirky and cultural aspects of South India, with a bit of a throwback to the sophistication of the yesteryears. 

Of course, we'd love to tell you that the entire thing has some connection to some ancient spy agency, requiring some fancy identification and super stylish attire. But no. Regular ID (upon request) and shorts are perfectly fine too. Lungis and flannel vest? Even better! 
But in all seriousness, to get in here, all you need is a good attitude, an adventurous palette, some very best friends and you're set!
Mother promise!