Few snacks make for the perfect starter, drink accompaniment, and general side dish, the way Chilli Chicken does.

Not to be confused by its Indo-Chinese counterpart, we’re talking about the Andhra style Chilli Chicken here, because South Indian cuisine and all that.

But we couldn’t talk about this dish without paying homage to its Indo-Chinese cousin, born from blurring of borders and migration of cultures, a legendary dish in its own right.


You may now continue.

What makes this dish such a beloved accompaniment with everything from a Single Malt to a biryani?

Perhaps the spice, that adds some much needed flavour to your palette. 

Or maybe the greasy, tangy nature of it immediately develops associations with comfort food of some sort.

But perhaps it just has some mysterious appeal that develops with combining everything from the spice, the flavour, and the texture, that’ll make you go for seconds even if your mouth feels like its on fire.

(No jokes, we’ve seen people ordering additional portions while reaching for tissues to wipe their chilli-induced tears.)
Of course, depending on where you’re consuming the dish, you’ll find that while the essence remains the same, the preparation and presentation may sometimes vary.


Some places serve it slightly dry, probably best suited for a drink. (Or 50,000 once the chilli hits you.)

But you also have versions that have a slight gravy, usually swimming with ominous looking chilli seeds that you’d do well not to underestimate. 

As much fun as consuming the meat, the chicken part of the dish is, no one would judge you if you decided to scoop up the leftover gravy in a naan or bread, and wipe the plate clean.

Some places pride themselves on just how spicy their version of the Chilli Chicken can get, because, "no guts or what?!"

Those things can get unnecessarily spicy and become more of a challenge than a dish really, but each to their own. (which is why, at The Permit Room, we give you options, based on how rowdy you’re feeling.)

When done right, the spice actually perfectly offsets the blandness of the chicken and makes for a rather addictive flavour.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Try it yourself, but make sure you have something cold or sweet handy. (Umm, taken a look at our drinks and dessert menu yet?)