While approaching the interiors of The Permit Room, much like our food and drinks, we wanted the setting to stay true to its roots.

That’s why you’ll find movie posters with a South Indian twist to them sprinkled all around, and paintings and catchphrases that celebrate the quirkiness of our culture. Or even the walls that pay homage to street art, with furniture that’s as much an indicator of a city in the south as our food flavouring.

If you look around, everything tells a South Indian story.

Which brings us to the Magnificent Pillar of Matchboxes. (That’s actually what it’s called. Ask for a seat on that floor* next time and see.)

Hey Raja, you're a WINNER!

Hey Raja, you're a WINNER!

The pillar is covered with prints of the almost-poetic cheap wax match boxes. (Wood and all is slightly better quality)

Probably one of the best examples of disposable design, you’re bound to see them strewn about at small tea shops, smaller bars, and your chimney-esque friend’s place.

A closer look, and you’ll find everything from gods and goddesses, to animals and birds, or just random text on it. Like, Raju. 

There are no rules with such design. The words needn’t match the image, and the byline needn’t make sense at all.

That’s why you’ll find one cover that says Dolphin, but has a Whale on it. Or one called Gold Horse, but with a red horse on it. 

Or they’ll throw you off with a cover that says ‘Cow Head’ and actually has, you guessed it, a cow’s head on it.


Because, screw logic and aesthetics. The matchbox cover is above and beyond all of that.

The real question here is, which fellow decides what art and text goes on these boxes?
Literally, who sits and says, “let’s call it Family Super Wax Matches, and put an image of four kittens on it.” Who?

Moderately life-altering questions like these are bound to arise when you encounter the Matchbox Pillar.
And if it makes you think about life, light, and all things bright, our job is done. 

Zippo got nothing on Hippo Super Deluxe Wax Matches. (on a box that says Winner, of course.)

Fun Fact: The official term for collecting matchboxes is called phillumeny. And also there exists a matchbox that says JamesBond (without space) and has a wolf on the cover. Oh, the joy.


*Don’t ask for a seat on the floor with the Magnificent Pillar of Matchboxes. No one will know what you’re talking about. That was a joke. Just in case.