On the occasion of The Permit Room’s second anniversary, we’re introducing a special menu.

And we’ve decided that we want to celebrate something that doesn’t quite get recognised as breakfast, lunch, or dinner, while totally serving the purpose of all three.

This menu is a celebration of thindis from all South Indian households, which is basically the inspiration for all our food.


If you’ve grown up in South India, you’ll be familiar with the concept of thindi. 
For those who haven’t, thindi is basically tiffin items, or snack items.
Eaten commonly between meals, but not necessarily restricted to that any specific time of the day.
Anytime can be thindi time!
People enjoy thindi with their afternoon tea and coffee, or end up consuming it as a main meal.

But what exactly qualifies as thindi? Great question.

It’s everything from  vadas, pancakes, the legendary congress peanut bun to poha, bun-sandwich, egg bonda, obittu, dosas, and the likes.
It’s comfort food that you’ve grown up snacking on, but with a Permit Room twist of course!
And we’re including all of this in and a whole lot more in our anniversary special menu, so watch this space for more.