If you thought our cuisine was diverse, then you’ll be as surprised with our drinking habits. Whether we ‘put one small’ or grab a tall, be rest assured that Indian drinking habits are just as curious and varied as our cuisine fixations.


That’s why you’ll find that fellow who drinks two beers everyday with one plate of peanut masala with half a lime sprinkled on top, or the other macchi who insists on having her 60 of Rum and Coke, with some pickle for ‘touchings.’

Celebrating the delightfully unique drinking culture of the south, are our quirky TPR Cocktails. It’s everything traditionally popular, but with a twist.


This time, Karma On The Beach. 

Because we could all use some karmic soul searching. But mainly because this drink is just so damn good.

Yes, it doesn’t sound as wild as it’s ‘sexy’ cocktail cousin of the almost-same name, but don’t write it off just yet.

Because really, nothing says sexy more than the combination of Guava Juice, Lime Juice, Coconut Syrup and White Rum. Topped off with a sprig of mint of course, because mint equals good breath, and good breath is sexy. Erm. Yes.

Plus, the way we prepare it, shaken not stirred, and served in a Martini glass, gives you just the excuse you need to make like Bond by the beach. (we’d recommend spending a considerable amount of time in the gym before emerging from beach waters in a blue bathing suit, though. But you do you.)

We’re divided on whether it’s the Coconut Syrup or the White Rum that might have something to do with making you all woozy and thinking about things like karma and the meaning of life. Maybe come by, try the drink, and help us decide?  

It’s all good karma, we promise.