If you thought our cuisine was diverse, then you’ll be as surprised with our drinking habits. Whether we ‘put one small’ or grab a tall, be rest assured that Indian drinking habits are just as curious and varied as our cuisine fixations.

That’s why you’ll find that fellow who drinks two beers everyday with one plate of peanut masala with half a lime sprinkled on top, or the other macchi who insists on having her 60 of Rum and Coke, with some pickle for ‘touchings.’


Celebrating the delightfully unique drinking culture of the south, are our quirky TPR Cocktails. It’s everything traditionally popular, but with a twist.

For all those missing some maanga in their lives, we have the Lean Green Mango Machine.

There is no such thing as too much mango, and if anyone says so, immediately stop being their friend. Like, right now.


This pretty cocktail of ours comes with fresh green Mango. And Mango bombs, which if you haven’t tried before, are the most delightful things ever.

As the name suggests, the little pellets pop in your mouth with a burst of mango flavour. Serve them on some crushed ice for fancy feels, and you’re set.

But why stop there?! Because the only thing better than one fruit is…well…two.

And sure enough, our cocktail also has not one, but two fruits in it.

We use the term ‘fruit’ loosely here, because what we are talking about is in fact Green Apple Vodka. Heh. And who’s complaining, right?!

Because a dash (or considerably more) of some alcohol instantly makes everything better.

Add to that the fizz of some soda, and you have a strong contender for what might just end up being the most fun cocktail you’ve tried in a while.

Don’t believe us? Well, there’s only one way to prove that one.