If you thought our cuisine was diverse, then you’ll be as surprised with our drinking habits. Whether we ‘put one small’ or grab a tall, be rest assured that Indian drinking habits are just as curious and varied as our cuisine fixations.


That’s why you’ll find that fellow who drinks two beers everyday with one plate of peanut masala with half a lime sprinkled on top, or the other macchi who insists on having her 60 of Rum and Coke, with some pickle for ‘touchings.’

Celebrating the delightfully unique drinking culture of the south, are our quirky TPR Cocktails. It’s everything traditionally popular, but with a twist.

This time, the Ginchax.


If you’ve been to a brunch or two in the recent past (we host a great one here at The Permit Room, just saying), you’ve definitely seen Gin cocktails doing the rounds.

There’s something versatile about Gin that way—it seems like the perfect kind of alcohol that you can make a refreshing day-time drink out of, but also packs enough of a punch as a base for a slightly more adventurous partaaayy-drink.

Whether you enjoy it with tonic water, or some added flavours, Gin based cocktails have become the go-to drink for drinkers of all kinds.
And so we decided to take a stab at a brand new Gin-based cocktail in the form of our Ginchax.

Think of three of the most refreshing flavours and we added all of those to it—there’s cucumber juice, the citrusy goodness of orange wedges, and a very subtle nod to our South-Indian roots with some coriander.

Refreshing or what?!


But the secret ingredient that takes this cocktail from being just a pleasantly refreshing Gin cocktail to a real Ginchax, is a dash of vanilla syrup. (Also, not such a secret ingredient anymore because we just told you, but you get the idea.)

The fresh,citrusy flavours are perfectly balanced out by the vanilla syrup, and the Greater Than Gin completes the cocktail perfectly. Just like how Gin completes your life.

Try it, and we’ll see if it doesn’t.