If you thought our cuisine was diverse, then you'll be as surprised with out drinking habits. 
Whether we ‘put one small’ or grab a tall, be rest assured that Indian drinking habits are just as curious as cuisine fixations.

That’s why you’ll find that fellow who drinks two beers everyday with one plate of peanut masala with half a lime sprinkled on top, or the other macchi who insists on having her 60 of Rum and Coke, with some pickle for ‘touchings.’

Celebrating the delightfully unique drinking culture of the south, are our quirky TPR Cocktails. It’s everything traditional, but with a twist.

Golden Grandma Goodness.

Golden Grandma Goodness.

Ammachi’s love makes everything ok, and if you don’t believe us, you can take a sip of the Kashayam and feel your problems (and general decision making ability) magically disappear.  Presenting the solution to sniffles, tasty cocktail cravings, heartbreak, stress and life itself—Ammachi’s Kashayam. 

The Drink

There is nothing that warms the soul (and body) better than some good old grandma warmth.

That’s why even when you eat (or drink) a dish that your grandma first introduced you to, it’s never quite the same unless it’s made by her loving grandma hands.
And while we might not be able to replicate grandma’s love, we give you the next best thing—Ammachi’s Kashayam.

Remember every time you were sick, had the flu, or generally the sneezy blues, and your Ammachi would float from the kitchen like a fairy godmother with a steaming glass of what can only be described as a magical elixir of health?

Well, this is something like that, with our own version of magic added to it—brandy. Because brandy makes everything dandy. (as do forced rhymes.)

The Breakdown

The Kashayam itself is a popular drink, given over time to help get your health back in check.
The ingredients vary from household to household, the only constant being that it’s something warm that soothes the throat. Some recipes for the kashayam even use milk.

The drink is always served hot though, with the spices used changing based on where you’re consuming it. 

Our version of the drink includes, cardamom, cinnamon for a gorgeous aroma, a little bit of ginger to get that soothing feeling, jaggery for a little bit of texture and also to cut the harshness of the brandy, with the final addition being hot water.

All of these ingredients, with brandy as a base, make for an unbeatably smooth cocktail.

And if anyone ever has a problem with you drinking it, just say it’s for medicinal purposes.
You can get your very best Ammachi to approve it too, but maybe leave the brandy out when you ask her. 

Our Bartender Says

“It’s the perfect winter drink. But also great every time you need some soothing solution to sort you out. And Bangalore is a perfect setting for a drink like this. Everyone from people struggling with colds and coughs, to singers watching their voices, to just peaced out folk looking for a yummy cocktail to set the mood love the Ammachi’s Kashayam. And with good reason too!”