It’s October—the month associated with the greatest and best beer festival in the world, Oktoberfest.

And yes, we know we’re not a brewery or anything, but we’re not ones to be left behind either.

We’re borrowing the expertise of our close cousins Toit, and bringing you some very best craft beers for sampling.

If there’s one thing that is quintessentially Bangalore, that’s the whole pub city tag. And while we’re not big fans of these tags in general, this one seems to have endured through the times.

Our bartender is lot more cheery than this fellow. Promise!

Our bartender is lot more cheery than this fellow. Promise!

Beer is as intrinsically part of the Bengaluru DNA as are mandatory visits to Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park at least once in your lives. (Especially when you have to take some unsuspecting foreign types on a tour.)

We Bangalore fellows might not have the best traffic sense, and definitely not the best roads, but if there’s one thing we know, it’s our beers.

And it seemed like a natural progression for us at The Permit Room to move towards becoming a quality beer serving joint, if we were going to stay true to representing the local essence of this southern city. 

We’re offering a wide range of local and imported craft brews on tap and in bottles—everything from Geist on tap, to bottled Hoegaarden and Bira. Perfect for hangs with the gang, or when you’re in the mood to be one fancy fellow. Just take one look.

And while you're here, some useful tips.

And while you're here, some useful tips.

After years of handling great beer at Toit, we’re aiming to make The Permit Room your new favourite craft beer adda. It runs in the family and all, so why not, right?

But as local as we are and love to be, we’re on point with international standards too. We've installed a cold room specifically for this purpose, where craft beers will be stored in kegs at just the right temperature. The beer is then pumped from here, through specially insulated beer lines, straight into your glass, so that you can get pumped up. 

Top form, top class, top that glass! Cheers magga!